Robert Mizono


Born and raised in San Francisco, Mizono studied art and design at UC Berkeley and City College of San Francisco where his love affair with the camera began. In 1978, he moved to New York to pursue a career in photography.

A few years later Mizono returned to San Francisco, opened his studio and started gaining clients and recognition. Through the next couple of decades, Mizono worked as a commercial and advertising artist while honing his craft in the genre of landscape and portraiture.

Early portrait subjects include President Clinton, Muhammad Ali and Steve Jobs, but it is his love of nature and the outdoors that most captures his imagination. His landscapes take us to British Columbia, Argentina (Patagonia), China, Japan, Russia, Spain, New Zealand and all throughout the United States.

His studies of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge have won international awards. Awards include the Andy, the Clio, New York and San Francisco Art Director’s Show, Graphis and Communication Arts and Print Magazine.